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Property renovation of studio flat in Ithaca Greece by MV Properties

Studio Flat renovation in Stavros Ithaca Greece PROJ008STA

Village: Stavros, Ithaca Project: Renovation of an en-suite Studio flat with was a former playroom This renovation took place in the summer 2019. Our client wanted an additional living space

MV Properties offices in Stavros Ithaca Greece

MV Properties office renovation in Stavros Ithaca Greece PROJ007STA

Village: Stavros, Ithaca Project: Work In progress of the new MV Properties Office MV Properties is moving home! We are pleased to announce the new office of MV

Interior of renovated bathroom, project completed by MV Properties

Bathroom Renovation in Kolleri Ithaca Greece PROJ006KOL

Village: Kolleri, Ithaki Bathroom Renovation and extension in Kolleri This was a really rewarding project which resulted in an amazing transformation. The aim was to

House renovation in progress

House Renovation in Lahos PROJ005LAH

Village: Lahos, Ithaki Project: House Renovation in Lahos This old stone house with wooden floors, will be renovated and turned into a beautiful villa with swimming pool.

Newly build stone houses PROJ004STA

Homebuild in Stavros village PROJ004STA

Village: Stavros, Ithaki Project: Homebuild Complete An old Ruin turned into two stone houses with a beautiful and authentic look. This old stone ruin, was used to build

Homebuild PROJ003PLA

Project: Homebuild complete 6 month project New house project in Platrithyas. This Project was managed from inception through to completion. This was a good challenge house build with a

Home renovation PROJ002STA

Village: Stavros, Ithaki Home Renovation in Stavros, Ithaki This was our second project, which we so enjoyed. Seeing an old Greek village home transform into a luxury

Homebuild PROJ001STA

Village: Stavros, Ithaki Project: Home build and renovation This was a very special project for us, as it was our very first house renovation on Ithaca. Our client was a very dear…

New stone exterior facade of office, Ithaca Greece, Vathi

MV Properties Office Renovation in Vathi, Ithaca Greece PROJ001VAT

MV Properties is expanding!


Over the last month we have been working hard on renovating the new office of MV Properties in Vathi. After having completed our office renovation in Stavros in January 2020, we decided to take on a more hands on approach with this new office and we, as the MV Properties family, have managed to complete most renovations ourselves.


We started by chipping away at the cement facade of the building to reveal its beautiful original stone walls. Once this was done, we filled in the gaps between the stone with white cement to complete the look. 


The office required partitioning which we divided with wooden frames and chipboard. The interior walls were washed down, sanded and plastered in order to provide the ideal surface for painting. A fresh new coat of the MV Properties colours were painted providing a friendly, warm and welcoming atmosphere to the office.


New electrical work was completed by GTS Electrical and new plumbing installed by Vasilis Galatis Plumbing. The window and front door was with a new ones which were made by Alberto carpentry.


The next stage of renovations will be the interior stage. We will bring in office furniture, add shelving, install air conditioning and set up our computer system provided by OnStore Markantonis.

We are looking forward to officially opening our doors at the end of March. We feel to have an office in Vathi will provide our clients with convenient accessibility to our professional services and a physical space for our clients to come in and talk to us face to face in a quiet and comfortable atmosphere. To have representation in the heart of Vathi has always been an aspiration of ours and to see it come to fruition is exciting especially for the future pland of the business.

Village: Vathi, Ithaki Project. MV Properties is expanding! Over the last month we have been working hard on renovating the new office of MV Properties in Vathi.