Real Estate

MV Project Management IDMV003SOH

MV Properties has many properties, pieces of land, ruins and houses  on our books.

We are known for our professionalism and discretion with all ‘for sale’ properties, and work together with the best valued properties on the island.  Buying and or selling can be a stressful process, and we pride ourselves on our transparent approach.

No hidden costs and realistic and prices.

We have a wide range of properties throughout Ithaca, north and south of the island.  Depending on what you are looking for, we will assist you with as many site visits as possible to find that special something you have in mind.

We act fast on new and upcoming properties that arrive on the market and try our best to accommodate you with the exact requirements that you are looking for.

Majority of our properties are amazing and special with such breath-taking views with nearby beaches.  The peacefulness of the island is something that our clients treasure together with the true beauty Ithaca has to offer which makes buying on Ithaca all more worth it.

Ithaca is known for its friendly and welcoming locals.  One of the few islands on the Ionion that is still rustic and unaffected by the hordes of tourists who visit Greece.  We view owning a property on Ithaca as a privilege, and for those that will keep it the special place it is, respecting its beauty in it’s surrounding place.