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MV Properties Top Walking Trails on Ithaca

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MV Properties Top Walking Trails on Ithaca

MV Properties Top Walking Trails on Ithaca

Each season brings about something new and exciting on Ithaca. From the silver-lined olive groves and the evergreen mountainsides to the turquoise reefs of the coastline and endless streams that flow during the winter months. Just as nature responds to the changing seasons so does our island. The ebb and flow of life on Ithaca is not only good for the body, mind and soul but provides perspective. At MV Properties we are taking the time to appreciate this new season and all that comes with it. Slower days, more time with family and friends and exploring our island are just some of the things we are looking forward to this season.

View overlooking Afales Bay, perfectly capturing the blue tones of the water below.

Exploring Ithaca 

There are many ways to explore Ithaca but one of the most refreshing and rewarding has to be by foot. The island offers extensive natural trails that enables locals and tourists alike the opportunity to explore areas of the island that are only accessible by walking and allows you to immerse yourself within the surrounding natural beauty. You are bound to be rewarded every step of the way by the magnificent breath-taking views, the reassuring cool breeze of the ocean air and the unforgettable memories which will remain in your heart. Autumn is the perfect time to explore these trails as the weather cools and the islands quietens.

Ithaca has so much to offer throughout the year and we are privileged to live in such a diverse and beautiful place. Whether you are looking to travel to Ithaca for a holiday or are looking to relocate, MV Properties is here to guide you every step of the way. You can find our extensive list of rentals here as well as our property listings here.

See some of our top trails below or for a more extensive trail guide click the link below.

Roussano Trail
Starting at the monopati (footpath) on the road heading up to Exoghi, you will walk along the ridge of the mountainside. Enjoy panoramic views overlooking Stavros village and Polis Bay. Approximately a 45 minute walk ending at the naturally-formed plateau of Roussano.

Anoghi to Kioni 
An easy and pleasant route starting from the Araklis Menir. Following a stone-paved path among olive trees fields and dense vegetation, the route ends up in Three Mills (Treis Myloi) which constitute Kioni’s landmark!

The Church of Panagia Spiliotissa 
Take the footpath starting from the plateau of Marathias, in the south of Ithaca. The wondrous views overlooking the southern landscape of the island will leave you in awe and in search for more trails to follow and explore.

A circular route combining a walk in the wild, a visit to archaeological sites and swimming in the sea! Starting from the bridge of Platreithias and passing by Exoghi, where we find two important medieval churches, we visit the fountains of Kalamos and we reach Perivoli beach.

New Properties for Sale

This incredible property located along the coastline of Cavos near Polis Bay is for sale.
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This unique house in the heart of the mountainside village Anoghi is for sale.
Property Reference IDMV014ANO
This exquisite house with vast sea views is for sale in the Aetos area.
Property Reference IDMV003AET

As your local property agent, MV Properties not only aims to provide you with a dynamic property portfolio but also provide you with the best of what Ithaca has to offer. We hope you enjoyed reading through this month’s news and are feeling inspired to put your walking shoes on. Thank you for your continued support.

Until next month,

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