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Explore Ithaca with MV Properties

Exoghi WIndmills

Happy new year to all our loyal customers. We hope you, our community, managed to have an pleasant festive season and enjoy the downtime given all the local restrictions.

The new year is upon us, and if you are living in the northern hemisphere your days most likely consist of grey skies and rain. Do not despair, why not follow MV Properties on Facebook and Instagram as we highlight the exciting attractions Ithaca has to offer in the off season.

We believe there is no better way than to beat those winter blues by planning your next summer holiday to Ithaca. And we can help you do that!

Soft hues of winter sunsets and calm seas are surprisingly common during the winter months on the island.

To get you started and simplify your journey to Ithaca, take a look at our Travel to Ithaca page on our website. It gives you will all the travel information you will need, links and additional contact information to get you here safe and sound.

When you set foot on Ithacan soil at the newly constructed Port of Odysseus you will feel as Odysseus felt after his 10 year absence – at home.

Ithaca is steeped in ancient history, epic tales and natural beauty – you can experience the roots of this all by exploring just some of the many attractions on the island.

The ‘Port of Odysseus’ has recently been rebuilt and is the first impression one gets of the island.

School of Homer – Located on the slopes below Exoghi village are the ruins of what is believed to be the Palace of Odysseus. One of the most important of archaeological sites on the island it is definitely worth visiting.

The area, locally known as Agios Athanasios, is easily accessible via a short footpath and takes you back in time as you stand on the ancient grounds of the legendary King of Ithaca, Odysseus.

The ancient ruins of School of Homer in the region of Agios Athanasios are worth a visit and are easily accessible via short footpath.

Roussano – If you are a keen walker, this is a great walk for you. Starting at the monopati (footpath) on the road heading up to Exoghi, you will walk along the ridge of the mountainside. Past the pine forest you will get to enjoy panoramic views overlooking Stavros village and Polis Bay.

Within 45 minutes you will reach the naturally-formed plateau of Roussano, a beautifully peaceful meadow filled with wild flowers in the spring and where goats roam freely.

The beautiful and naturally formed plateau of Roussano is such a special place on the island and is reachable via a footpath starting roadside on the way to Exoghi village.

Museums – There are museums between the North and South of the island. The Stavros museum contains artefacts from the Northern areas of the island across the ancient settlement of Pilikata and of Polis cave.

In Vathi in the south, you can visit the Vathi Museum which contains excavation finds from the Piso Aetos area. The Cultural Centre of Ithaki holds a rich library of rare books and complete works of the Agios Athanasios excavations.

The Folklore and Cultural Museum pays tribute to the life of inhabitants during the colonial period and houses pictures of the devastating earthquake of 1953.

The statue of Odysseus and references to the epic Odyssey can be found throughout the villages of the island as seen here in the Stavros Plateia

The church of Panagia Spiliotissa – This beautiful and unique church is a must-see for all who visit the Island. You can only reach the church via a footpath starting from the plateau of Marathias, in the south of Ithaca.

Originally a cave, the inhabitants at the time closed the cave and built what is now the white-washed façade of the church.

The wondrous views overlooking the southern landscape of the island will leave you in awe and in search for more trails to follow and explore.

The church in the cave, Panagia Spiliotissa can be found in the region of Marathias in the south of the island and celebrates the feast day on the 2nd July.

Above are just a few of the local sites you could enjoy while on visiting or living here on the island.

As your local property agent, MV Properties not only aims to provide you with a dynamic property portfolio but also to provide you with the best of what Ithaca has to offer.

Until next month,


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